Terminal Emulation Automation for IntelliTerm TN3270, TN5250 and VT420 - Developer Edition

Terminal Emulation Automation
The Distinct IntelliTerm – Developer Edition is intended for users who need to either automate user operations when connected to TN3270, TN5250 or VT-420 hosts or who need a custom interface to a legacy application residing on a mainframe, AS400 or a UNIX system. See also screen scraping software for more information on automating integration of data residing on the host into your application through TN3270, TN5250 or VT420 emulation.

Distinct IntelliTerm has two distinct sets of APIs for this purpose.
It provides EHLLAPI and Windows HLLAPI (WinHLLAPI) APIs as well as an API to its OLE Automaton Server.

The Developer edition of IntelliTerm comes with a number of samples that illustrate how these APIs can help you automate operations in such a way as to provide seamless integration of your legacy applications into the Windows workspace.

Samples are available for all the APIs available including an extensive sample for EHLLAPI calls and several OLE Automation programming samples. These samples will show you how to automate terminal emulation functions such as connecting to a remote server as a TN3270, a TN5250 or a VT420 terminal, how to send keyboard input and retrieve screen contents and how to hide the IntelliTerm window so that the user will only see and interact directly with your custom program interface.

In addition to the various APIs IntelliTerm also includes a Macro editor to help you automate daily tasks when connecting to your legacy systems with IntelliTerm.

So which API should YOU use to automate terminal emulation?
Well, if you are writing a completely new interface to an application, you may consider using OLE automation. On the other hand, if you wish to develop a new application that uses a standardized HLLAPI-style interface, then you should consider WinHLLAPI. Older interfaces are supported for backward compatibility of applications.

This toolkit comes with a license of Distinct IntelliTerm and one year of developer support. Additional licenses of Distinct IntelliTerm are required for each system that the custom code is deployed on. For information of volume licensing please contact your Distinct Sales Representative.

Does Distinct Offer IntelliTerm as an ActiveX Component for TN3270E, TN3270, TN5250?
No but Intelliterm is an OLE Automation Server offering very similar capabilities. IntelliTerm exposes a vast set of functions that allow .NET, VC++, VBA and VB developers to create custom applications with terminal emulation capabilities. Read the online OLE automation Intelliterm API document for a description of the API that IntelliTerm provides.

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