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Screen Scraping, VT220 Screen scraping : GetText

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The GetText method is one of three methods that allow for screen scraping. GetText allows you to scrape a section of the scrollback buffer and pass the data to a buffer.


String GetText (x1, y1, x2, y2)

x1 is the position of the first character that you want to scrape
y1 is the position of the first line from which screen scraping is to start.
x2 is the position of the last character of the text portion that you want to scrape
y2 is the position of the last line of the text that you want to scrape


The GetText method allows you to screen scrape portions of text that is currently in the scrollback buffer and pass this to a buffer. This means that if you have an application which displays data in predefined positions you can easily scrape that data by calling this method with the specified co-ordinates for the first and last characters of the text to be captured, and pass it to your application.

For this method to succeed the CaptureScreen property must be set to TRUE.


The scrollback buffer often contains leading blank lines. You must take these into consideration when calculating the text co-ordinates.


Dim myvariable as string
If Vt220Client.CaptureScreen = True Then
myvariable = Vt220.GetText (1,10,8,12)
End If


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