FTP Client Component

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the standard protocol for copying files to and from remote machines. FTP uses separate command and data connections. The Protocol Interpreter (PI) implements the FTP protocol itself, while the Data Transfer Process (DTP) actually performs data transfer. The FTP protocol and the data transfer use entirely separate TCP sessions.

With the Distinct FTP client component, you will quickly and securely incorporate automated, timed file transfers, or transfer on demand, capabilities into any application. For example an application could automatically retrieve customer information from the server when you enter a customer name or identification number. The Distinct FTP client includes the ability to move entire subtrees of data and to list these. Distinct also includes support for passive mode. Firewall proxy (SOCKS, FTP) support is embedded in this component to enable its use across intranet firewalls.

Parsing of directory structures of the various FTP servers is one of the most time consuming portions of writing your FTP Client. Distinct's FTP ActiveX 'automatically' handles this for you, ensuring accurate directory parsing. There is no need for you to research and implement this complex task.

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ActiveX MS Visual Basic 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0
MS VC++ 5.0 / 6.0
Borland® Delphi™ 2.0 / 3.01 / 4.0
Sybase PowerBuilder 5.0 / 6.0
Sybase Power++ 2.0
HTML format
PDF* format
DLL - 32 bit MS C / C++ PDF * format

RFC Compliance

All Distinct custom controls are implemented following current RFCs. The Distinct FTP client component is compliant with RFC 959 and 1123.

Need to read an FTP trace? Use Distinct Network Monitor to:
  • Capture Network Packets, including FTP
  • Display Bandwidth Use
  • Analyze FTP and other Traffic in plain English
  • Exports a Packet Trace to csv or text Format
  • Modify and Resend any Packet in a Trace File
  • even Sniff Remote IPs with the use of an Agent
  • Determine Top Talkers
  • Discover Detailed Usage of HTTP and FTP
  • Plot Network Trending over a long Timeframe
  • and a lot more

Expected time savings: 12 man-months

Expected time savings is the time that, based on our experience, would take a skilled developer with good understanding of TCP/IP networking and very well versed in C/C++, to develop this control. This time can be used as a guideline of the cost involved if you choose to develop it yourself or have someone else develop it for you.

Source Code Available

Get the source code for total control over your application. To those interested in customizing this FTP component to meet very specific needs, we offer the source code priced to beat the budget you would need to achieve the same quality level if you tried to develop it yourself. Call your sales representative for a quote at +1 408 445 3270, or write us.

Trial Download:  FTP (client & server) components Toolkit

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Trial Download:
 FTP (client & server) components Toolkit
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