Integrate VT220 emulation into your application using this VT220 component

Do you need to write a custom application that accesses or processes data from a remote host application that can run in a VT220 Terminal window? The Distinct VT220 component allows you to integrate VT220 emulation and optional login capabilities into your applications. Your application will be able to manipulate remote data with the combined use of the Distinct VT220 and the Distinct Windows Sockets controls. So, for example, your application could read a file containing customer account data and write it into an existing billing system's user interface that is running in the VT220 session. The Distinct VT220 component supports full VT52, VT100 and VT220 emulation.

The Distinct VT220 component features:
  • built-in Telnet capabilities to connect to the remote server. The Distinct VT220 component establishes the TCP connection, handles Telnet option negotiations, sends the user input to the server and displays incoming data in a VT220 emulation window.
  • the option for an application to handle establishing a connection and send and receive data itself. This allows the application to use a transport protocol other than TCP/IP (such as a serial port library).
  • the ability to capture all incoming data or just the screen data to a file.
  • the ability to screen scrape data from the remote application window. There are three methods that allow your application to do screen scraping of portions or all of the data displayed in the VT220 terminal window. Using these methods you can get the user highlighted selection, scrape the screen section delimited by specified coordinates or scrape data from the scroll-back buffer specified by given coordinates.
  • extensive keyboard mapping capabilities, allowing you to customize the keyboard for your specific needs. It also comes with a built in pre-programmed graphical representation of the keyboard to facilitate the remapping of keys in your application.

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ActiveX MS Visual Basic 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0
MS VC++ 5.0 / 6.0
Borland® Delphi™ 2.0 / 3.01 / 4.0
Sybase PowerBuilder 5.0 / 6.0
Sybase Power++ 2.0
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PDF * format

Need to read a VT220 trace? Use Distinct Network Monitor to:
  • Analyze VT220 and other Traffic in plain English
  • Display Bandwidth Use
  • Capture Network Packets, including VT220
  • Determine Top Talkers
  • even Sniff Remote IPs with the use of an Agent
  • Exports a Packet Trace to csv or text Format
  • Modify and Resend any Packet in a Trace File
  • Discover Detailed Usage of HTTP and FTP
  • Plot Network Trending over a long Timeframe
  • and a lot more

Trial Download:  VT220 component Toolkit

Trial Download:
 VT220 component Toolkit

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