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ONC RPC for Windows, .Net and JAVA, IntelliTerm Terminal Emulator and more

The Distinct Family of Products

Distinct Corporation has been developing and publishing quality software products for software developers including ISVs and network administrators since 1984. Its many products include:

ONC RPC for Windows and Java

Distinct's family of ONC RPC/XDR Toolkits include ONC RPC for 32-bit Windows , ONC RPC for 64-bit Windows, ONC RPC for Windows .NET and ONC RPC for Java.

The Distinct ONC RPC / XDR Toolkits come with both the RPC client and RPC server run time libraries allowing developers to create complete distributed application with a single toolkit (separate deployment licenses are available). Distinct’s RPC toolkits allow companies to leverage their past investments in legacy systems by providing the opportunity for their developers to easily port or write new front end applications for their existing distributed applications. The Distinct RPC Toolkits are based on the industry standards for ONC RPC/XDR ensuring interoperability across heterogeneous systems.

IntelliTerm for TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250 and VT420 emulation

IntelliTerm, is a super fast and easy-to-use Terminal Emulator for TN3270, TN5250 and VT420 on the market

Distinct IntelliTerm is a terminal emulator that allows you to access data on diverse corporate information servers such as IBM mainframes, IBM AS400, UNIX and VAX systems from a single application. It includes full featured terminal emulation for TN3270E, TN3270 for Type 3278 and 3279, with support for 3179G, 3192G, 3472G and 3279 S3G graphics, TN5250 and VT52 through VT420. Distinct IntelliTerm operates over the Telnet protocol running over TCP/IP, an area in which Distinct is a market leader. Distinct IntelliTerm integrates related utilities such as multi-connect FTP with SOCKS proxy support, print server support with LPD and 3287 printing support, substantially reducing your training and support costs.

The Developer edition of Distinct IntelliTerm comes with support for several APIs such as WinHLLAPI and OLE Automation, allowing developers to quickly produce easy-to-use front end interfaces to the already existing more complex legacy applications by using relatively simple techniques such as screen scraping of data fields from the mainframe or AS400 systems. In doing so, they are able to protect their company's investments in legacy systems, while creating user-friendly front end applications to improve usability and thus increase efficiency.

Intranet Servers: FTP, TFTP, LPD, BOOTP and NFS servers for Windows


 Intelliterm Terminal Emulator
The Most Complete Terminal Emulator for TN3270, TN5250 and DEC VT220 to VT420
Now also TN3270 and TN5250 over TLS/SSL

 RPC for C and C++
The Fastest Way to Port Your Existing Unix-RPC Applications to Windows

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