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"How to get your software product released on schedule and possibly bug free!"

Save time, develop quality applications in VB, VC, or Borland® Delphi™ with Distinct reusable components

  • If you need to add e-mail to your application, try using the components included into Distinct Mail Objects. This package covers all of the email protocols including advanced features and yet most operations can be accomplished by a SINGLE CALL to the EasySend or EasyRetrieve methods. You just can't email enable your application faster than this!
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  • If you need to add FTP Client or Server, traverse firewalls with SOCKS, build applications that automatically access RAS servers, take complete control over LPR printing to LPD servers or network your application with Windows Sockets, try using the Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit. All these components are built to precise RFC specifications. Download a FREE trial version now.

  • If you need to establish a Telnet connection or integrate VT220 emulation within your application, or execute remote commands (Rexec, Rshell or Rlogin) look no further. Download a FREE trial version now, and get YOUR application delivered on schedule.. It took several man-years of study, research and brilliant engineering to develop these components. Now you can build the same functionality within YOUR application in just a few days of work.

    Save time, develop HTML and ASP pages faster with Distinct components for web development

  • If you need to integrate e-mail within your web pages, you may want to check out WebMail Objects, a special version of the SMTP, POP3, IMAP and MIME components specially designed for ASP and HTML pages.

  • If you need instead to login to a remote server from a web page and execute commands remotely try out WebTelnet Objects. WebTelnet is a collection of standard Internet protocols that allow to login to a remote server and execute commands remotely from within an HTML or ASP page.

    Save your investment in client server applications by porting them to Windows with Distinct RPC

  • You have been asked to "port" the front end of an existing RPC application to Windows? No worry. The Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkits allow you to do just that. And you can choose between a version for C/C++ and one for Java. The Java version is also ideal for writing your own platform-independent client server application. Download the FREE trial version of your choice now.

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