Internet Usage remains a difficult topic for many administrators. When users start complaining that Internet access is too slow and that they are wasting a lot of time because of this, the dilemma is always whether an Internet link upgrade is necessary or not. Distinct Network Monitor is one tool that can help with this dilemma. As long as you are able to include all systems that are making use of a specific network link in question, in a capture taken from your switch's mirror port, you will be able to find out how much of the actual bandwidth is being used at different times in the day and which systems are using it.

When you have isolated the top IP bandwidth systems, specific reports on these systems will shed a light as to what is generating their traffic. Analyzing the different reports should give you an understanding as to whether the bandwidth really needs to be increased or whether additional company policies are required to reduce the non-work related usage of this uplink.

In addition to measuring the bandwidth of the system on a single subnet, you can also measure the bandwidth between one or more local subnets and other external networks like your Internet uplink.

This report above shows which systems used the Internet uplink most; this includes both internal systems, which requested data from the outside, as well as internet servers that served some data to the internal systems. In order to see which Web servers were accessed by whom, you can use the Web users report.

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