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Who Should Use Distinct Network Monitor?
Distinct Network Monitor is an essential utility in every network administrator's and software developer's toolbox. It is a must for both software developers who write applications that will work over a network as well as for MIS personnel who are trying to diagnose network related problems and network bottlenecks. With its enhanced statistics module, Report Builder, Network Monitor is now able to give detailed reports on network usage by specific systems.

Live Network Traffic Statistics
Top IP Talkers Report

• A Network Monitoring Tool for Network Administrators 

For the network administrator, Distinct Network Monitor version 5.1 offers advanced statistics gathering and reporting. Distinct Network Monitor supports the collection of statistical sampling and data to Microsoft Access.

The built-in statistics analysis module allows you to get a very good picture of the live network traffic activity for any given network segment monitored.

A separate application called Report Builder allows you to build various types of historical statistics reports based on the statistics samples gathered by Network Monitor.

Report Builder comes with several pre-defined statistical report templates as well as the ability to allow the creation of custom built reports. In addition to a number of different bandwidth usage reports, Report Builder is able to generate more detailed reports for HTTP traffic and FTP traffic on the network as Distinct Network Monitor collects more detailed sampling for these two protocols. Network bandwidth trending based on the statistical samples gathered is now also possible.

ReportBuilder can also be instrumental in helping to identify network security breaches and compliance with corporate security policies related to network usage.

• A Packet Sniffing Tool for Software Developers 

For the software developer, Distinct Network Monitor is the perfect solution for understanding the type of network traffic that is going over the network while pinpointing network protocol related problems. Distinct Network Monitor in fact captures network traffic and translates the protocol negotiation of that traffic into simple English. Settings can be customized to provide English details only for some protocols and just the packet summary for others. Starting with version 5.0 Network Monitor can capture traffic on the loop-back address assisting developers in debugging their network applications on a single system. See Networking Tools for details on the additional networking tools bundled with Network Monitor and geared towards software developers.

What can Distinct Network Monitor do for you?
What is essentially different between a plain packet sniffing product and Distinct Network Monitor is that the Distinct Network Monitor interprets the packets in simple English. For any specific connection it is able to pinpoint any packet errors it sees by marking these with a black X. Some packets are marked with a white X; these do not necessarily denote an error but are a warning of packet retransmission and other non-fatal network errors.

Distinct Network Monitor comes with detailed parsers for the most common protocols. However, if you were working on protocols not covered by our parsers or are writing a custom protocol, we can supply you with an API that can be used to add your own custom parser for any IP based protocol.

• What can Distinct Network Monitor see? 

Distinct Network Monitor can capture the traffic that is on the subnet or on the switch segment in case of a switched network as long as the network interface card (NIC) installed in the computer that is running the monitor is able to run in promiscuous mode. Today many switched networks are set up such that each computer is on its own switch port, this makes monitoring subnets only possible by connecting a computer running Network Monitor to the mirror or Span port of the switch in question after setting up the port to mirror the traffic from the ports that need monitoring.

When you have no access to the mirror port you can use Network Monitor Agents (also known as a network probes) to monitor remote segments.

• What is Distinct Network Monitor ROI?

If you can appreciate how important is for your network to run smoothly there is no doubt that you will find that Distinct Network Monitor offers a truly high ROI.

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Distinct Network Monitor
Network Monitor 5.3 Introduction

Who should use Network Monitor
What can Network Monitor do for you
If you are a system administrator
If you are a software developer
High ROI

IP packet Sniffing
Live Network Traffic Statistics
Live Network Bandwidth Analysis
Monitoring Remote Systems
Networking Tools included

Statistical Reports
Network Utilization
Bandwidth Reporting
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