Windows ActiveX components for
FTP Client, FTP Server, VT220 emulation and Windows Sockets


Reusable Components for Faster-to-Market Applications.

The Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit is the complete solution for faster-to-market Intranet and Internet applications. Distinct has assembled a key set of reusable software components, in the form of DLLs and COM Objects, to dynamically incorporate into your applications. This toolkit features more TCP/IP protocols than any other competing product, so you can let us handle the "how to" of the protocols while you devote more time and more brainpower to your core development.

Speed up development with Distinct reusable software components.

Of course, you or your group can write these components yourselves. But for the professional developer, time is money. Your application must be written, debugged and tested ... hum, - you know - by yesterday. So why reinvent the wheel when you can license our libraries now for a fraction of the cost it would take you to research and implement them yourself?

Distinct's components are market tested and available now.

Distinct knows the net inside and out. We started many years ago by writing the first TCP/IP protocol stack for Windows. Since then, we have licensed our components to thousand of customers who in turn have distributed literally millions of these components. It is your application, why not benefit from the testing of all these users?

Distinct's components are built to precise RFC specifications.

While our competitors have too often tried to create their own abstractions of what may be a more desirable way to perform certain functions, we have chosen to stick with the de-facto standards by implementing our components exactly according to the RFC specifications. No proprietary enhancements, no idiosyncratic extensions. This translates into the reassurance that the Distinct components are well thought out and most important that they compatible with just about every other RFC-compliant implementation outside there. You never know what system your application will need to interact with down the road. So why not stick to the standards to ensure that it will always work?

Distinct's components are extremely flexible.

There is actually one more reason why you should choose an RFC compliant implementation. RFC compliant components implement the thoughts of a lot of minds with a lot of different needs and therefore are flexible enough to accomplish complex tasks and not just basic functionality.

Distinct's components are available both as DLLs and ActiveXs (COM Objects).

Distinct components are masterfully structured in layers. At the core, usually there is the DLL engine that performs most of the functions, while at the higher level is the COM object to allow you run the component within any Windows container. This flexibility allows the C/C++ developer to enjoy the small size and high efficiency of the DLL, while preserving the ease-of-use that Visual Basic offers.

Distinct's components are the choice of the professional developer.

Why? Because they are the most complete and robust, market tested collection of Internet components available anywhere. Check out our customer testimonial page and the case study page and see for yourself why the Distinct components are the choice of the professional developer. If you are a corporate or a commercial developer, Distinct is your most rational choice.

We will make you look good too.

We made a lot of developers look good before you. Some of their names are even featured on our site. Let us show you what we can do for you this time. Most important, do not forget that your application can only be as good as the components that it uses. Sure you may find something that seems cheaper that appears to do the job. But are you sure it won’t break down when put to the test. Why take the chance? It’s your reputation.

Where can you try them out, risk free?

Right here. Simply go to our Free Trial page right now and download the Visual Internet Toolkit absolutely free! Why not see for yourself what this remarkable software can do for YOU? You've got nothing to lose.

Recommended Books.

We have done our best effort to make sure that you do not need much network programming experience. However, to those of you that want to know more about the internals of the protocols of the Internet, we recommend reading Doug Comer classic books on TCP/IP. Here is the complete list.

Source Code Samples

For a description of sample source code supplied for your particular environment see Using Distinct ActiveX Controls and Samples in Various Environments

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 VT220 components Toolkit

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