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Saratoga office, 1996

First to the Finish

Founded by software engineers, since 1984 Distinct Corporation has been a pioneer in the development of innovative network technologies. We were the first company to offer a TCP/IP protocol stack for Windows, the first to make an RPC toolkit for Windows, and again the first to ship a development toolkit of reusable networking components for applications written in C, C++ and Visual Basic. As part of the Windows Socket and RPC Committees, Distinct played a key role in defining the standards that have brought the Internet to its present explosive state.

World Leader in Software Development Tools

Distinct Corporation is the world leader in Internet and Intranet development tools for software professionals. Our reusable communication protocol modules are being used as key components in many of tomorrow's Internet and Intranet applications. And the bundle of software awards collected by our company over the years confirms what competitive developers have known from the start -- that Distinct products are rock solid and ready to roll.

Enabling Technologies for Fortune 100 Companies

Our software components are also widely used by thousands of large and medium size companies to create custom Intranet applications for use within their organizations, including many Fortune 100 corporations. Distinct provides the tools and building blocks needed to implement robust solutions to many of the toughest Intranet problems in the shortest possible time.

Our Mission

Distinct is committed to helping fellow developers develop, debug and deploy their Internet and Intranet applications in record time and with world class functionality. From start to finish.

Distinct Corporation


 Network Monitor
The Distinct Network Monitor is a protocol analyzer for Windows that includes both packet sniffing and network traffic statistical analysis tools.

The Most Complete Terminal Emulator for TN3270, TN5250 and DEC VT220 to VT420

 RPC for C and C++
The Fastest Way to Port Your Existing Unix-RPC Applications to Windows

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