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     "We conducted a test session to compare the performance of similar products, and Distinct's product was better. Distinct's Internet Development Kit allowed us to have the communications layer of the package ready in record time. We gained much more flexibility than expected due to the number and quality of the objects contained in the package."

Dr. Shyam Sunder, Carnegie Mellon University

     "Some of our users were behind corporate firewalls at their workplaces and wanted to but were unable to use Yahoo! Pager. Together with Distinct, we were able to offer our users an ideal solution enabling them to connect to Yahoo! Pager, and to do so both quickly and reliably."

Brian Park, Producer of Yahoo! Pager, Yahoo! Inc.

     "I have to thank you for your outstanding and efficient service - you really do what you advertise Distinct is in the business of helping customers to build, debug & deploy their Internet/Intranet applications faster - really faster."

Igor Pronin, Elma Oy Electronic Trading

     "I have recently downloaded your OCX telnet client from the Internet and am very impressed by its functionality. It took about two minutes to fire up Visual Basic and run your sample code. It then took two more minutes to install it in a form of my own and test whether it would allow me to connect to our Unix database."

     "I have spent ages trying to get bug-ridden ODBC drivers working to our Progress Unix database, but now I don't need to ! Your OCX enables me to run the database on its native platform and speedily download the data I need to our NT servers for distribution across our intranet. A Splendid piece of software engineering to answer practical business problems."

Paul Noblet, Grampian, UK

     "Distinct TCP/IP was found to be the most complete package and solved our programmatic control problems. Our developers quickly found the product to be of fine quality. In fact, it enabled our primary communications developer to produce our core communications software package in a very short time frame."

     "Dynamic Mobile Data Systems has a bright future ahead in the wireless market and Distinct TCP/IP is an integral part of the total solution which we have to offer. Our first client, Home Health Advantage of Texas, finds the entire package to be extremely cost effective and expects to realize a competitive edge utilizing the TCP/IP based technology."

Jeffery Bell, Dynamic Mobile Data Systems

     "Distinct provided a Telnet OCX/VBX that saved up to 6 months of development time and reduced the overall development cost. This allowed us to get DSM/NOW out to our customer base earlier making our customers more productive."

Paul Calhoun, Tandem Computers

     "We looked at the market and without a doubt Distinct was the best TCP/IP or winsock Visual Basic control that was available. You've got a solid product. There's no one that can compete with it."

George Weihs, Synergetix

     "When I went looking for TCP/IP development tools, I settled on Distinct's Visual SDK as it seemed the most feature-rich in it's price range. I purchased it without a trial. I have been pleased with my decision. The Distinct package includes custom controls that are easy to use, reliable and perform well."

     "The controls are as trouble-free and reliable as any product I've encountered in the PC World."

Darwin Hatheway, 3M Company

     "By using Distinct, CRM saved a lot of time and money and provided great solutions for challenging tasks."

William Gutekunst, CRM Technologies

     "Distinct offered a solution that we can use for the future."

Greg Wolfe, Rowecom

     "It is not often, in today's market, that you can find companies that want to find the solution to a customer's problem, no questions asked. Thank you."

Scott G. Phillips, NTN Communications, Inc.

     "The Distinct TCP/IP Toolkit and extensions for Visual Basic have enabled us to rapidly develop several TCP/IP-enabled applications. The software is extremely stable in LAN and WAN implementations and the documentation is very good. You have virtually eliminated the learning curve associated with TCP/IP development."

Stephen K. Valadie, First Tennessee Bank

     "SoftSource, Inc. does a lot of work in system integration using TCP/IP. As part of our project responsibilities, we purchase TCP/IP software for our customers to use with our Visual Basic solutions. Previously-we were recommending FTP's product, but from now on we will be recommending Distinct."

Frank A. West, SoftSource, Inc.

     "Distinct is easy to use and maintain, error handling is very good and it can be managed with a few lines of code. Star and Dart are quite the same in methods and functions, Distinct is a quality jump."

Massimo Aymar, Francorosso

     "I wish to thank you for producing such a fine software which saved my company months of development time..."

Dr. D. Ibrahim, Corporation of London

     "I was advised about Distinct from a peer that I don't work with but does the same sort of work that I do. So I gave it a show and I was delighted to find that in a minimal amount of time, about a day and a half, I was able to get it up and configured and get down to the business of actually working at the code level, the Visual Basic code level in my case. The other thing that I have noticed is a tremendous difference in is the quality of technical support that is available to me. Without any advance warning about what my problem is...they're able to get me up and beyond that hurdle and looking forward to my next crisis within a matter of minutes. I am very appreciative of the product and the support team."

Jere Weaver, Erdman Video Systems

     "We tried various products and decided on Distinct TCP/IP SDK-Visual Edition in the end for TCP/IP programming needs. It has capabilities like PPP connection support which were very important for our application. Distinct's Visual SDK solved all our problems. It was very easy to use and definitely better than all the other products. It was very refreshing to deal with Distinct Corporation's technical staff. We got prompt and accurate assistance."

Tim Reilly, Innovative Electronic Designs

     "I believe Distinct's Visual Basic Toolkit and TCP/IP protocol stack is a very good product. With minimal effort, I am able to develop applications having TCP/IP capabilities, like transferring files from my applications in Windows to UNIX systems over Ethernet and modem using PPP."

John Anderson, J.W. Harley Inc.

     "Developing this application using C or C++ would have been much too large of a task to undertake at that time. With the Distinct Visual Edition, I was able to build what I needed for an Internet front-end and began learning about Sockets programming without having to learn everything at once."

Bob Fite, Software Engineer

     "I used Distinct TCP/IP Visual SDK to develop an application for my client. It worked beautifully. The technical advice and support at Distinct was excellent. I would recommend this product to all developers using Visual Basic."

Bill Normile, IRI Software, Inc.

     "I think this is the BEST client that I have seen offered. All the rest of the ones that I tested needed multiple copies of the program running for multiple concurrent sessions. Yours was the only one that was able to give me multiple sessions from one program execution. As I normally have between 10 to 25 windows open simultaneously this helps a lot with memory conservation."

Daniel Loerke, Kendall and Davis Assoc.

     "I believe that in making software products acceptable and successful in the market, 50% goes to what the software product does, 20% goes to how efficiently it does what it is supposed to do and 30% goes to good documentation, ease of use and superior technical support. I had specifically recommended and later purchased Distinct TCP/IP SDK because of its completeness and my first experience of dealing with Distinct justifies my decision."

Manoj Patel, Ameritech Development Corporation

     "I think however that you have a great quality product, easy to install and use. I will recommend to anybody who is looking for a Win95 NFS solution."

Michel Colmant, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

The Press Agrees

     "PowerBuilder developers can now create powerful Internet capable applications in record time with minimal learning curve."

     "My impressions of Distinct Corporation are excellent."

Java Developer's Journal-March 1997 Issue

     "Distinct's Internet Control Pack made TCP/IP-based communications a no-brainer..."

     "If we had stuck with a proprietary communications protocol, we would still be testing and debugging. With Distinct controls, we just dragged an icon onto a form and got sockets, ftp, http...the works!"

VB Tech Journal-February 1997 Issue

     "If you are connecting to an IBM mainframe system, give IntelliTerm a serious look. Its support for EHLLAPI, HLLAPI, and WinHLLAPI is difficult to find in other competing packages."

SCO World-February 1997 Issue

     "After working with Visual Internet Toolkit for a month, I'm not surprised that Distinct Corporation has won several awards for its various products."

     "For Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Borland® Delphi™ programmers looking to add Internet access to their applications, I'd enthusiastically recommend Visual Internet Toolkit as a robust, easy-to-use solution."

Internet & Java Advisor-December 1996 Issue

     "I was simply amazed at how easy it was to use the controls, and how well documented the manual and help files were. I was able to find the answer to any question that I had, without having to look through several places in the manual, and without having to call technical support."

VB Starting Point-October 1996 Issue

     "Distinct has done a tremendous job of shielding us from the most complex aspects of accessing Internet protocols. Visual Internet Toolkit is a powerful package. It is full featured, fast, stable and easy to use."

Visual Basic Programmer's Journal-September 1996 Issue

     "And to implement TCP/IP capabilities within your Windows 95 and NT applications quickly and easily, nothing stacks up to the Distinct TCP/IP Software Development Kit (SDK)."

Software Development-May 1996 Issue

     "Given the reliability of the TCP protocol and the elegant way in which the Distinct Toolkit implements it, the Visual Internet Toolkit is an excellent choice for interapplication communications on a LAN or WAN."

     "Distinct's Visual Internet Toolkit performs well and is one of the first fullly 32-bit networking products on the market."

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