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San Jose, CA. April 19th 2007. Distinct Corporation announced the release of version 5 of Distinct Network Monitor, a popular tool among software developers and system administrators that helps pinpoint problems with network traffic and provides detailed statistical information about that traffic.

Version 5 includes an enhanced reporting system that details network usage down to the last packet captured. Its enhanced capture driver and parsing engine allow the product to work with higher volumes of traffic than before. With enhancements to almost all its previous features Network Monitor now adds the ability to capture the network statistics directly to an Access database file, making the way for it’s new report builder to create ever more detailed reports on the traffic that is on a particular network segment. The new report builder comes with several predefined templates that look at different aspects of the statistics gathered, as well as the capability to build custom templates for different levels of detail in reports.

While Distinct Network Monitor can still be used on any segment or node in the network to help locate specific issues, its statistical reporting shines when captures are taken at the mirror port of a switch. By capturing the statistics for entire segments or subnets and running reports on the statistics gathered one can readily see where the network bandwidth is being used up, the protocols that are using this up and the actual systems responsible for the bulk of bandwidth usage.

New in version 5.0

  • Enhanced capture driver and parsing capabilities. Distinct Network Monitor version 5 has an enhanced capture driver as well as the ability to scroll through very large capture files fast. Additionally it now allows users to fine tune buffer sizes to enhance performance on a system basis.
  • The ability to search packet captures for packets while the capture is still active, making it even easier for you to track down live problems.
  • A new Packet Generator for software developers and network administrators needing to test custom packets on their networks
  • Enhanced Statistics module with new Report Builder. Distinct Network Monitor version 5 saves all statistical sampling to an Access database. It comes with a separate report building application that allow administrators to get different views of the statistical sampling taken on their networks. The level of detail in these reports is much greater than what was previously available. In addition to pre-built report templates, the new ReportBuilder allows you to create your own custom templates tailored to your specific needs. Reports include Bandwidth calculation for both IP traffic as well as all network traffic, IP applications, IP traffic by system, detailed reports for HTTP and FTP traffic and many more. ReportBuilder comes with its own scheduler allowing you to conveniently run reports overnight. Reports can be run on live captures or completed captures.
  • A user-definable live-statistics window that can be customized to span from a quarter of an hour to two hours of the most recent traffic.
  • Additional Tools have been added. Among these is a utility application that can be run to discover systems that are currently active on your network and identify several server types such as FTP, SMTP or HTTP.

A limited trial copy is available from the Distinct Web site, where you can also request a fully functional trial copy.

Distinct Network Monitor runs on the Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.

About Distinct Corporation: Headquartered in San Jose, California, Distinct Corporation is a pioneer in the development of innovative networking technologies. In addition to its creation of Network Monitor as a natural language protocol analyzer, Distinct has been the first company to offer a TCP/IP protocol stack for the Windows operating system, the first to make an RPC toolkit for Windows, and the first to ship a development toolkit of reusable networking components for applications written in C, C++, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Trademarks: Distinct is a registered trademark and Distinct Network Monitor and Distinct RPC are trademarks of Distinct Corporation. Microsoft, Windows, Visual Basic, Visual C++, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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