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"Distinct tools and components for network programming
are of invaluable help
to corporate and commercial developers
to ease development,
save engineering time
and release products on schedule"

Tarcisio Pedrotti,
President of Distinct Corporation


If you are like my development team and most software developers, I am sure you enjoy the smiles and the pleased look of excitement on the face of your manager and of the users of your software, when you deliver a solid product on schedule.

I am also sure that you prefer to spend your time and energy working on your own innovative application, rather than implementing what others have already done before you.

If you prefer the risks and rewards associated with innovation, and an increased chance to deliver your product bug free and on schedule, we may have the perfect solution for you.

Before you, Distinct has helped several thousands corporate and commercial developers build robust network and web applications faster by providing them with the building blocks of the internet and the tools to diagnose their network traffic better. We want to help you this time.

Through our products and professional support, we make available to you our experience of over a decade of network protocols programming . So you can focus on writing YOUR application rather than spending countless hours to learn the protocols of the net yourself.

Before you start developing your network application, find out how we can:

      1. save YOU time while developing quality code FASTER;
      2. help you diagnose network problems in PLAIN ENGLISH;
      3. get YOU the INFORMATION that can speed up your development

We are so confident that our award-winning products can save you time and simplify your development that we're inviting you to try them out for yourself, ABSOLUTELY FREE! No catch, no strings, no hidden costs. Just choose the one that fits your needs and give it a try. It may make the difference between "on schedule" or "late again". You've got nothing to lose.

Ready to test drive any of our products ?
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Have you Got Technical Questions?
Check out our new Support Center, the most comprehensive technical support center in the net tools business, featuring a comprehensive Knowledge Base, AskCody, Source Code Library and live telephone support. You may also have noticed the icon Ask Cody on the left side of this page. This icon is virtually on every page of our site. Just click on it and your question will be forwarded to the engineer that can best address your question. This is our pledge to you that we will make everything possible to help you write and debug your network application on schedule.


 Network Monitor
The Distinct Network Monitor is a protocol analyzer for Windows that includes both packet sniffing and network traffic statistical analysis tools.

The Most Complete Terminal Emulator for TN3270, TN5250 and DEC VT220 to VT420

 RPC for C and C++
The Fastest Way to Port Your Existing Unix-RPC Applications to Windows

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